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Augenblick (2010) Tinavie
Augenblick (2010)
Indie pop, jazz, embient
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Tinavie’s debut album, Augenblick (‘like winking’ – german), was self-released in Russia April, 2010 and featured 11 Tina’s most early songs, carefully arranged by the band for the live performance. According to the concept, that ran as a red thread through the whole album and its artwork, the record was mostly played live, with the few additional studio recordings and production.

Tina - piano, voice, violins, songwriting
Dmitry Zilpert - guitars, voice
Dmitry Losev - electric piano, synthesizers, kalimba, melodica, electronics, voice
Dmitry Frolov - drums, percussion
Oleg Mariakhin - saxophones

Music by Tinavie

Songs by Tina (1, 5, 7 - lyrics by Tina & Zilpert, 3 - lyrics by Jovan Stamatovic-Karic)

Recorded live at the PropellerSound Studio, Moscow / January 2010
Recorded at the Studio of Theater “Na Tagange”, Moscow / February-March 2010

Recorded & engineered by Artem Amatuni
Mixed by Artem Amatuni & Dan Kalashnik
Mastered by Dan Kalashnik at NetSlov Studio
Produced by Artem Amatuni, Dan Kalashnik & Tinavie

Cover design by Sasha Utkin /
Tinavie has full rights to digitally distribute this content
Posted by Tinavie on 10 November 2011
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